Executive Marketing

When Leanna’s social media marketing company, Executive Marketing Inc., started to gain traction, she decided she would need a website to have a home on the web where potential clients could get more information about what her company offers. Her clients range from small startups to larger entities like holding companies and some real-estate firms. She wanted her site to showcase all that her company has to offer with a sleek site that got straight to the point! We thought it would be best to have a brief statement that stated exactly what the company does within the first scroll of the page since the name wouldn’t give it right away. There’s also a hint within the hero image, the phone that’s on the Twitter sign in page. Scroll down further and there’s a more detailed layout of what the company can do for you, which was very important to Leanna and us to have on the homepage. Here’s to much success of this client navigating the crazy social media world for her clients!

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