Kristi’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler

Kristi’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler is a small business out of Atlanta, GA. Kristi makes the most delicious peach cobblers I have ever tasted! She’s been cooking and making cobblers since she was a little girl, altering her recipes to work with her food allergies. The peach cobblers are completely vegan, so ANYONE can enjoy it. Kristi came to me after orders for her business started flooding in. She wanted a site that was modern but kept her product (the peach cobbler) at the forefront. She also wanted to accept online orders for her delectable cobblers, so we configured WooCommerce to feature variable pricing of her products, product selection, pickup and delivery system, accept payments via PayPal (with user PayPal account and debit/credit cards), custom store hours, and to top it off it’s all optimized for mobile! The result is a fully functioning eCommerce site that didn’t sacrifice design for functionality.

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